About Us

About Us

Ara Tajhiz System in addition to offering a wide range of UPS and Batteries, also operates in a variety of Battery Chargers, Stabilizers, Inverters, AC Drives and Solar Energy Systems, Banking Equipment, ERP Software, and Air Conditoners.

The purpose of the staff and the board of directors of the company is the continuity of customer service with the help of new and reliable technology used in their products.

Products manufactured and available:

Single Phase and Three Phase UPS

Three Phase products (Charger,Inverter, Stabilizer)

Industrial UPS (custom design)

Power Supplies and Industrial Thyristor Chargers

Telecommunication Switch Chargers

A variety of Acid batteries and Nickel Cadmium

Types of Battery Cabinets

Solar Energy Systems

AC Drive

ERP Software

Banking Equipment

Air Conditioning



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